The association, which bears the name “Wine Not?”, created and run by students, has decided to donate its earnings for this year to the DigestScience Foundation.

For its final tasting session, it is organizing a special evening devoted to “Wine and biodynamics” on March 29, 2012. This special event will be hosted by Eric Dugardin, who in 1988 was named the best young wine steward of northern France and the second best in all of France.
This association enables students to develop their knowledge of oenology—they learn about wine-producing regions and how to judge the color, aroma and flavor of wine, etc. In addition, they are being informed about responsible alcohol consumption, wherein quality is more important than quantity!

In the spirit of the times, biodynamics is above all seeking to improve the quality of products by paying special attention to the functioning and biological valorization of soil and plants (by focusing on plowing of soil and of labeling, using preparations stemming from vegetal, animal and mineral matter) taking into account seasonal variation.

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