To mobilize your teams, to enhance your brand image or to expand your actions as a Social and Environmental manager, the DigestScience foundation gives companies many sponsorship and patronage opportunities. A meaningful commitment, around universal values: boldness, creativity, courage and solidarity.

Recognized for its public utility, DigestScience is unique. It is the only French foundation in the area of gastroenterology and nutrition. It gives companies the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research programs by choosing to invest in science, for the sake of public interest.

Donations - the most direct and easy support

Donating online is the easiest way to support DigestScience and to directly participate in research about digestive conditions.

Corporate donations benefit from patronage preferential tax treatment, with a deduction on the income tax or the corporate tax. Tax deduction is set at 60% of your donation, within 0.5% of your annual turnover and before corporate taxes (article 238 bis of the General tax Code).

If the total amount of your donations exceeds this limit, you can carry forward the surplus over the next five fiscal years.

I want my company to support DigestScience research through a donation.


cedric partenaires

Patronage and sponsorship

DigestScience organizes numerous scientific, medical, cultural and sporting events, the profits from which are allocated to research on digestives diseases. Each event is an opportunity for you to join our fight and to enhance your image and fame.

Open to any type of company, these sponsoring partnerships may come in many forms: skill patronage (provision of staff), communication support, logistic support, etc.

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